Becky was instrumental in helping me set up and generate blogs for my website and newsletters for clients.  I'd been wanting to do this for a while but it was her gentle, professional manner that made them a reality.  I'm delighted with what she created and found her a joy to work with.  SUSAN, LONDON


I didn't really know where to start with writing copy for my website, especially about myself. Neither did I have the time to spend hours trying, so it was brilliant being able to hand it all over to Becky. I gave her the info I wanted to communicate, and within no time she had turned it into clear and precise copy. Her attention to detail ensures that every word, line and bit of punctuation has been thought about and there is a uniformity to the style throughout. The result is a beautifully expressed and easy-to-read website. Her service was invaluable to me.  THOMMY, LONDON